Sustainability mindset for leaders

Why is this important for leaders?

We have moved from corporate and social responsibility (CSR)  to environment, social and governance (ESG) strategies and reporting. New legislations and regulations are forcing leaders across sectors to care about the ecosystem in which they operate and influence. How do we do this succesfully as research leaders, CEOs or managers and contribute to the success of our projects and organisations whilst solving global challenges and working towards SDGs?

Leading change and shaping sustainable futures

This requires a change of mindset- placing sustainability at the heart of the decision making process. We are creating a suite of workshops to help leaders develop their human abilities to drive change and shape positive futures. We are exploring concepts from the work of Isabel Rimanoczy and her book The Sustainability Mindset Principles , the framework created by the Inner Development Goals‘ team and additional evidence based sources.

How do we define “sustainability mindset”?

A sustainability mindset is that sense of personal responsibility and awareness that helps us all make smarter choices, by asking the right questions and making sure we are aware of our impact on the world and our ecosystems. It is a powerful lens that helps us make better decisions in our projects and organisations with the present and future in mind.

Our first workshop is focusing on helping us making sense of the information we need to process on a daily basis realting to complex issues and challenges around sustainability. We need to develop our abilities to gain better understanding and ease our processing power to aid decision making.

  • Complexity Awareness

We explore how systemic thinking and practice help us create connections between different information and events. We also look a the Cynefin framework to identify the different approaches we can use depending on gaps in knowledge, conflicting information, level of complexity and much more. 

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“Many thanks Natacha for your help and support for our retreat. It was good to get help and plan a good day to cover our strategy and priorities. The retreat was a huge success and several participants how great you were ay facilitating the discussions. We hope we can re-engage with you in a follow-up event we would like to organise.” 

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