Strategy Days and Retreats

Facilitating an effective strategy day can be a daunting task for us. It requires careful planning, clear communication, and an agile mindest on the day.

A well planned and facilitated strategy day, with an experienced and neutral facilitator, can be an incredibly valuable tool for setting goals, aligning teams, and driving business success or research impact.

As an experienced facilitator, I have developed a human-centric approach that generate powerful insights and brings value to all members involved.

I can help with the following:

– planning the day/session which can focus on specific aspects from vision to road mapping

– agreeing on clear themes and what will be covered by working closely with the leadership team and organiser

– understand what a good impact or success would look like for the leadership team and participants

– creating an agenda which provides the flexibility to adapt on the day – to respond to the energy and insights generated

– facilitate discussions on the day

– encourage engagement and participation

– capture insights and learnings on the day

– manage time effectively and focus the discussions on key topics

– provide a safe space for open and insightful discussions

– wrap-up key sections and learnings

– help agree on next steps and priorities

– provide a summary of top level discussions

For more information, check my recent blog on how to make the most out of your strategy days

Check my About page to find out more and read the testimonials below to hear from clients I had the chance to work with.

You can also book a Discovery session below to see if there is a good fit and how we may work together.

“Many thanks Natacha for your help and support for our retreat. It was good to get help and plan a good day to cover our strategy and priorities. The retreat was a huge success and several participants how great you were ay facilitating the discussions. We hope we can re-engage with you in a follow-up event we would like to organise.” 

Programme Director – Research Group 

“It was great working with you Natacha, We were loking for someone who would be a neutral party who could design our meeting agenda for our retreat. You really understood what we wanted to achieve and helped us articulate this in clear goals and themes for the day retreat. Thank you for all your support, helping us keep discussions moving, ensuirng everyone contributed and giving us the chance to develop our strategy. It was also wonderful to read your report which provided a strong summary of insights and priorities identified through our discussions. As we move forward, we will definitely be back in touch if another opportunity arises, to take advantage of your facilitation skills and many other expertise. It was really such a treat on the day, to know that the pre-work had been done and someone else was taking care of the room and facilitation !” 

Leadership and Programme Team – Research group Engineering-Biotech