Resilient Leaders in the Making

Coaching programme on Resilience and Emotional Intelligence 

Managing transitions in your leadership journey

This programme is designed to develop your strengths, skills and mindsets to help you develop your resilience and increase your impact and influence. It has been designed to support leaders in the making through transitions:

– you are starting a new role or taking on new responsibilities for a project or a team

– you are getting ready for the next step in your career

– you need to re-balance and re-energise after a difficult year

Why participate in the programme?

This programme helps you navigate this volatile, uncertain, complex, and often ambiguous landscape. 

You will get the chance to discover your resilient thinking and behavioural habits linked to 4 elements and 12 facets related to resilient leadership. This is a chance to understand how to balance, re-balance and be at your best to increase your positive impact and influence.

Meet the coach

I am an experienced coach and leadership consultant who thrives on helping others increase their positive influence and impact on their projects, organisations and wider communities. I have added the Resilient Leaders Elements to my coaching portfolio to help leaders in the making work towards their goals and be at their best in the midst of adversity. The Resilient Leaders elements provide a good structure to work with.

Check my About page to find out more and read the testimonials below to hear from coachees I had the chance to work with. You can also book a Discovery session below to see if there is a good fit and how we may work together.

Natacha Wilson, founder Cambridge Insights

What is in the programme?

Programmes and pricing  


1 hour coaching session + your Resilient Leader’s Profile  

£360.00 including VAT 


3 month programme including 3 coaching sessions + your Resilient Leader’s Profile + access to the Resilient Leaders portal to work on your challenges and much more!

£996 including VAT


6 month programme including 6 coaching sessions + your Resilient Leader’s Profile + access to the Resilient Leaders portal to work on your challenges and much more  

£1,998 including VAT


3-month coaching programme for groups and teams. The programme includes:

– 3 x Masterclasses

– 2  x Small group coaching sessions

 Working with a buddy

– Your Resilient Leader’s Profile

– Access to the Resilient Leaders portal

For more information, contact me at connect @

How to book?


“Natacha’s kind spirit and life purpose are admirable. I’ve known Natacha for many years as she’s coached me on a professional level and inspired me on a personal level; it’s thanks to her I’ve learnt many of the strategies I use on a daily basis to continuously improve myself. Her good-natured and approachable disposition are key to the effectiveness of her facilitating and coaching. I’ve greatly enjoyed being on the Resilient Leaders Development Programme she’s recently facilitated; I’ve benefited from her guidance whenever I struggled to motivate myself to progress and practise through the challenges set for me.”

Alessandra Caggiano – programme participant July 2021

“Natacha Wilson is a powerful communicator and an inspiration. I really enjoyed learning under her guidance. I found the program engaging and learnt a lot about myself.” 

Lina Nieto – programme participant July 2021