"Everything you can imagine is real"

Pablo Picasso


This is an invitation to explore the role of coaching in helping you develop your leadership approach and create a greater positive impact in research, innovation, business and beyond.

We can work together on specific transitions, challenges and opportunities you have identified.  I use tested frameworks, concepts and tools, to guide and support you. I aim to be supportive, caring and kind even when I challenge you! I enjoy seeing you grow, gain confidence, reach your goals and create an impact.

If you are new to coaching and want to learn more about the benefits it can bring, you can check the following TED talk by surgeon Atul Gawande “Want to get great at something? Get a coach”.I offer a range of coaching programmes adapted to your situation and goals. 

1:2:1 online coaching sessions  

  • develop your impact and influence
  • work on specific pathway transitions you are faced with
  • develop your leadership approach
  • work on your personal mastery and wellbeing 

Resilient leaders in the making 

  • the ideal coaching programme to develop your emotional intelligence and resilience as a leader
  • self-assessment and feedback engine allowing you gain feedback and track progress 
  • fit for purpose activities which encourage reflection and strengths development

Transformational Leaders

  • a great programme allowing you to develop constructive and impactful thinking and behavioural styles for impact
  • using a proven tool from Human Synergistics with self-assessment and feedback questionnaires
  • in-depth development opportunities to help you lead transormational change and innovation 

Leaders and wellbeing 

  • understanding the different aspects of wellbeing to avoid burnout in yourself and others
  • placing wellbeing and the role of leaders at the heart of the work culture 
  • using a powerful self-assessment tool from GLWS and exploring aspects of wellbeing at work and in your life

Group coaching sessions (Action learning sets)

  • work on specific challenges
  • develop trust and peer support in the group
  • learn from each other (empowering culture)


“”Natacha’s coaching has been invaluable throughout various career challenges and life transitions over the past year for me. As an early career scientist working on my values and long term career goals will stay with me. Furthermore I can see how all the tools Natacha introduced me too will help me for whatever challenges the future can hold. I can highly recommend working with Natacha. Thank you so much for each of our conversations!”” 

Postdoctoral researcher in STEMM