Culture mapping

Defining and shaping work culture are key to help you and your team thrive and perform.

And yet, it is often difficult to describe what culture is in a way that everyone can contribute to and abide by.

Colleagues and clients have mentioned to me that culture looks like a maze or a giant jigsaw that is difficult to complete!

A well planned and facilitated session on culture mapping, with an experienced and neutral facilitator, can be an incredibly valuable way to increase employee engagement, boosting collaboration and driving performance.

As an experienced facilitator, I have developed a human-centric approach that generate powerful insights and brings value to all members involved.

I can help with the following:

– planning the day/session which can focus on specific aspects of culture 

– providing a fit for purpose and easy to understand culture canvas which includes core, functional and emotional elements that help people work well together and perform

– agreeing on clear themes and what will be covered by working closely with the leadership team and organiser

– clarifying what a good impact or success would look like for the leadership team and participants at the end of the session

– facilitating open discussions on the day whilst staying on track with the agenda set and providing a safe space for open and insightful discussions

– encouraging engagement and participation

– capturing insights and learnings on the day

– wrapping-up key sections and learnings and helping agree on next steps and priorities

– providing a summary of top level discussions

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Thank you for another productive session last week. We got a lot of our the discussion and believe we’re again moving in the right direction. There is some follow up work for us to do as a SMT to finalise the culture canvas both from a SMT and then wider external perspective. There was a great observation on decision making from the case study we used, which we will debrief on, and I think will have a clearer framework to work to moving forwards. ” 

CEO – Media and scale up organisation