Constructive Leadership

Constructive leadership coaching programme with Human Synergistics LSI tool

This coaching programme is designed to support leaders and and influencers to increase their impact and influence.

We are faced with extraordinary challenges in our roles and lives. New and experienced leaders need to develop their visionary leadership competencies as well as their agility and capacity to adapt to contexts and teams to drive positive change.

At the core of the coaching programme, the Life Styles Inventory assessment from Human Synergistics International , provides a summary of your preferred styles or patterns of thinking and behaving in specific contexts. In addition, you can also request peers, associates and people who know you well, to complete the LSI and assess their perceptions of the styles you display in specific contexts.

The coaching sessions provide a framework and guidance to help you:

increase your awareness of your dominant thinking and behavioural patters in set contexts

– understand how your peers perceive you and how you come across– support your development with an experienced and compassionate coach

nurture your leadership strengths and focus on key development areas

Why participate in the programme?

Individual coaching 

This is a chance to develop your leadership capabilities and increase your positive influence on projects and teams as well as increase your power to drive change.

The coaching programme is tailored to your needs and include the self-reported Life Styles Inventory as well as the one completed by your peers and associates. Each coaching session is tailored to cover specific aspects of the reports in order to extract key insights and develop learning and leadership strategies to improve outcomes, impact and influence.

Group coaching

Many teams and organisations choose to use the Group Styles Inventory to assess the ways team members interact with each other and the dominant styles used. The aim of the coaching programme is to shift the way individuals are thinking and behaving towards constructive and highly performing styles. 

Introducing the styles in the LSI circumplex below

There are 12 thinking/behaving styles we tend to use. The LSI report will show your score against the 12 styles.

The styles are divided in 3 clusters:

– Constructive styles: we interact with others and approach projects and goals in a way that help everyone meet their high-order needs and values.

– Passive/Defensive: we interact with others in self-protective ways that helps us reach our goals without impacting/challenging others’ needs. We tend to like to please people. 

– Aggressive/ Defensive: we interact with others in forceful ways to protect our status and needs for authority and control.

Meet the coach

I am an experienced coach and leadership consultant who thrives on helping others increase their positive influence and impact on their projects, organisations and wider communities.

As an accredited LSI coach, I have worked with the Life Styles Inventory for many years with clients working in research and innovation. I found it a powerful tool to help measure styles or patterns of thinking and behaving that contribute or detract from personal impact and effectiveness. It is a good place to start the conversation and a provides a chance to identify strengths and development areas for leaders. 

Check my About page to find out more and read the testimonials below to hear from coachees I had the chance to work with. You can also book a Discovery session below to see if there is a good fit and how we may work together.

Natacha Wilson, founder Cambridge Insights

Programmes and pricing  


6 x  one-hour coaching session with Natacha Wilson

£ 1,500  + your LSI Reports (self-reporting and 360 feedback) to be costed separately


A 3-month coaching programme including 3  group 90-minute coaching sessions with Natacha Wilson and the Group Styles Inventory. 

Please email connect @ or book an online meeting on the About page

How to book?


“Natacha’s coaching has been invaluable throughout various career challenges and life transitions over the past year for me. As an early career scientist, working on my values and long-term career goals will stay with me for a long time. Furthermore, I can see how the tools Natacha introduced me too, and including the LSI surveys, will help me with challenges the future hold! I can highly recommend working with Natacha . Thanks you so much for our conversations!” 

Jana Katharina Schniete – Research scientist

“Thanks to Homeward Bound, I had the opportunity to share my leadership journey with Natacha. She was my coach and Natacha allowed me to reflect in a safe and trusted environment without feeling judged! I had that feeling that I could be myself and discuss without judgement.I highly recommend Natacha for coaching sessions, she gave me amazing tips and new ways of working but also helped me gain confidence that allows me to start amazing projects and take responsibilities ! Thank you for everything Natacha !” 

Charlotte Francesiaz – Researcher in ecology