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We connect with people and organisations who make a positive impact on the world and solve 21st century challenges to create a greater world. We specialise in leadership and innovation to support and empower positive change.

We are located in Cambridge, UK and work with like minded people across the globe. We hope to create a network of game changers over time...

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What does #enterprise mean to you? Images from Silicon Valley, exit strategy deals, #socialenterprise, and much more come to mind.

At Durham University virtual PGR enterprise conference, set-up by @PDSAPPLICATI0N, I talked about "entrepreneurial mindset"…

Are you detail oriented or do you prefer the big picture?
Or can you do both?
Your approach directly impacts your mental state, project leadership and ability to communicate and influence others.

So let's explore this in breadth and more detail:-)


One step at a time!
Sometimes it just takes one step, one small action to change direction, see a new opportunity or find new alliances.

This is true for all of us. And this first step matters at work and in our personal life.

Procrastination and perfec…

2020 = Emotional upheaval! Amazing connections!

2021= ???? or 2021= the art of possibility

Our need to go back to normal may prevail. For the right or wrong reasons...In any case, our normal will be different.

And yes, we are all waiting to hear about…

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