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Welcome to the Cambridge Insights booking page.  I would love to get the chance to speak with you and see how we may exchange insights and potentially work together. Please take a minute or so to book an appointment through this easy to use scheduling tool below. 


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Your purchasing power matters!

Here are some ideas you may find useful.

Purchasing meaningful gifts for your team members, employees, family members and friends can make a world of difference.

It shows we care for and apprecia…

What do you stand for?

Why does it matter?

To stand for can be defined as "an attitude towards a particular issue; a position taken in a discussion; to hold firmly to an opinion or belief; to give it your support".

If you are back in the office or the…

What do we owe each other?

Can we stand alone?

I recently explored about the power of collaboration with a team. We looked at the role of adopting a collaborative approach in contrast with a command and control approach.
Hard to…

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