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We connect with people and organisations who make a positive impact on the world and solve 21st century challenges to create a greater world. We specialise in leadership and innovation to support and empower positive change.

We are located in Cambridge, UK and work with like minded people across the globe. We hope to create a network of game changers over time...

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How do you plan the next 6 months, let alone next week?
What are the trends which may help us get things done and stay sane?

This report, written by McKinsey, may be US-centric but it provides a good starting point. It covers the…

Sharing our leadership journey matters. We learn from each other, we feel empowered and we can support causes that matter to us.
Here are my brand new episodes with two extraordinary women...Charlotte Francesiaz and Jelena Angelis, PhD…

How do we change the way we work? How do we lead change in our organisations?

Last week, I talked about culture and our working environment(s). In our hybrid world, our work spaces are evolving for many of us, with a strong reliance on technology to hel…

What is work culture?
"The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular group of people."

I love the word "customs". It is linked to rituals and routines, which are core to our wellbeing. They help us understand unwritten rules and allow us to…

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