Case studies: building leadership capabilities and innovative cultures for impact


We work with a range of clients across sectors, with a high focus on research and innovation organisations contributing to shaping sustainable futures. We nurture strong and lasting connections with Universities, technology startups and scale up companies delivering knowledge and solutions contributing to the sustainable development goals. Recent clients include Russell Group Universities , Research centres, Collingwood Advisory , Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge Marketing College, Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Cabinet Office and many more.

Check our case studies below to find out how we work with recent clients. 

Case study: leading change through Appreciative Inquiry

The challenge: our client was interested in leading best practice in wellbeing to support a large international team delivering a research project. The traditional change management approach often brings some tensions and resistance to new practices and systems. The aim was to  adopt an inclusive approach and engage with team members throughout the process.

The client: a large research group working with international teams.

Our approach and solution: we opted for a different approach using Appreciative Inquiry, which allowed us to engage with team members by asking open, positive questions. We collated examples of best practice, ideas for improvements and introduced new skills and mindsets which foster engagement and contributions.

The impact: the teams were able to identify what already worked well,  build on it and identify the enabling factors to allow for the change to happen and boost well being practices. The experience and engagement was positive and collaborative.


Case study: Building an innovative culture for a scale up organisation

The challenge: Fast growth requires agility and responsiveness. Our client was interested in developing a culture that would enable employees across the organisation, to work well together and deliver on their goals.

The client: a scale-up business in the media industry

Our approach and solution: we ran a 1 day workshop focusing on a culture canvas that includes all elements needed to build an innovative and inclusive culture. The leadership team worked on the core, functional and emotional dimensions of the culture map. We facilitated discussions and identified priorities for implementation

The impact: the culture map was a good anchor for the senior leadership team and a compass for new recruits. As the company embarked on a growth plan, employees were asked to provide feedback on the culture map and its implementation. The results helped set priorities for the following year – to ensure the culture drove the relevant working practices to support the company growth.


Case study: Facilitating Strategy Days to build strategic collaborations and priorities

The challenge: Inviting top leaders and experts on a strategy day or retreat, brings a high level of pressure to get this right. You need to get the agenda well balanced, facilitate discussions with “finesse” and ensure there are clear priorities at the end of the day.

The clients: Large multidisciplinary groups and commercial clients ready for growth.

Our approach and solution: Facilitating large groups of experts and contributors who work in different fields, divisions and sometimes countries, requires planning agility, presence and a little magic. Years of experience help us fine tuning our approach which is to co-create the agenda, follow a structure on the day (that can be adapted and re-shaped to care for the conversations and personalities), engage with everyone to ensure they are feeling valued, listened to and keen to contribute.

The impact: our clients can enjoy the day and fully contribute to the sessions. By relying on a trusted, experienced and independent facilitator, our clients built valuable engagement with a wider range of stakeholders, generated insightful outputs and set priorities.

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