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Written by Natacha Wilson

Enjoy your leadership journey!

Do you suffer from the “busyness” bug? Do you find that as soon as you achieve one thing, you’re straight on to the next?

Or do you take time out to reflect on what you have achieved? 

A while ago I ran a poll on LinkedIn asking people what advice they would give a young person starting their career.

The results were:

  • Enjoy the journey 42%
  • Be kind and help others 28%
  • Focus on work/life balance 24%
  • Work hard 7%

So my question to you is” “Are you enjoying the journey”?

Here are 5 insights which will help you enjoy the journey and navigate uncertainty and complexity along the way!

1- Know your purpose and what motivates you

When I ask researchers and broader leaders what gets them out of bed in the morning, I often hear the word passion.

Researchers ask pertinent questions, challenge the status quo and push boundaries to find new cures, solve world problems and help us understand the past so that we can shape a better future.

Keeping your purpose in mind will motivate you during difficult times.

2 -Embrace lifelong learning and learn new skills

The pace of change is accelerating across fields and sectors, you need to adapt and learn.

Remember, choose wisely between technical skills and soft skills, and make sure you have the opportunity to put it into practice to embed the learning.

Check the list of skills which are most in demand:




3 – Adopt multiple mindsets

Mindsets help us gain perspectives and broaden our views of the world. If you haven’t come across Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset then do look it up.

I would also encourage you to explore two distinct mindsets: collaborative and digital.

Collaborative mindset will help you find new connections and opportunities in your research, projects and life.

Meanwhile developing your digital mindset will enable you to see opportunities through technology. Make sure to explore the use of social media to communicate your research, promote your products and services and share your voice on key issues you can positively influence.

4- Develop wisdom and compassion

We can define wisdom as “simply doing the right thing for the greater good, all things considered”. It seems common sense to me but it requires reasoning, judgment, reflective action, compassion and a wide understanding of our context.

Acting with wisdom and compassion helps us connecting with others and supports sound decisions.


5- Reflecting on your journey 

What moments stand out for you on your journey?

What do you look back on and think, ‘I did that!’

For me, one of those moments was speaking about Research Impact to an audience of professors and policy makers at the British Library. That was a magical experience.

As well as those stand out moments when we look back on our careers, it’s also key to think about day to day success, whether big or small, career-related or personal.

What have you achieved in the last 4 weeks? Let me know in the comments.


About Natacha Wilson

Natacha Wilson is a learning and development director who works with transformational leaders in highly intensive research environments. She creates tailored development programmes, which combined 21st century skills, mindsets, and wisdom, to boost leadership capabilities and nurture innovative cultures. Her mission is to support “leaders in the making” solve global challenges and create a greater world.

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About Natacha Wilson

Natacha Wilson, founder of Cambridge Insights, is a learning and development consultant and coach. She creates tailored development programmes, which combine 21st century skills, mindsets, and wisdom, to boost leadership capabilities and nurture innovative cultures. Her mission is to support transformational leaders and  “leaders in the making” increase their postive impact, solve global challenges and create a greater world.

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