Leadership and Innovation for a greater world

Our Approach

Skills, mindsets and wisdom

I share my experience, insights and knowledge in leadership development to support your leadership journey. My unique approach combines skills, mindsets and wisdom to help you develop your leadership approach.

I provide a range of perspectives and use a multi-disciplinary approach to enrich your experience. I  aim to engage, enthuse and challenge you to change and adapt your practice and thinking.

Creating a greater world: 21st century leadership and innovation 

My values include Curiosity, Trust, Authenticity, Courage, Perseverance and Kindness. I aim to work with organisations and game changers who develop solutions towards the UN sustainable development goals and current challenges we are facing with the Pandemic.

What we do


4 Leadership Development Themes

Lead Projects and Teams

Lead change and innovation 

Lead for impact 

 Develop your personal mastery and wellbeing

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Strategy workshops

Creativity workshops

For Research Groups

At Board Level 

At Team level

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Group coaching 

1-2-1 online coaching

Managing transitions

Increasing your impact and influence

Personal Mastery and Wellbeing

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Leadership Programme design for

Early Career Researchers

 Game changers and change agents

Women in leadership 

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