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Transformative Leadership – Innovative Cultures

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Shaping brighter futures: we work with leaders and teams to boost leadership capabilities and foster innovative cultures.

We help new leaders working in research, innovation and impact technology, manage the transition into leadership.

We nurture leaders-in-the making and help them reach their portential.

We design and deliver stengths-based leadership development workshops and programmes, provide human-centric facilitation as well as brain-based coaching for impact.

Our approach

The world is in flux and we are faced with incredible challenges and opportunities. To respond to this VUCA* world, we need to develop our skills, mindsets and wisdom. We need to develp our human strengths. (*volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)

We spend time understanding the context in which our clients operate and adapt our design and delivery to support a shift in perspective required to become more agile , and lead transformational change. Our values are Curiosity, Trust, Authenticity, Courage, Compassion and Sustainability.

Enabling leaders and organisations to manage transition points

Which of these statements best describe you?

I am a new leader

You are new in your role and need support to tackle increased responsibilities and associated challenges. Check our coaching page to find out more about our approach and how to book an online introduction session.

I want to develop my teams’ leadership capabilities

You are working with leaders in the making and keen to increase your impact and influence.  You are keen to boost the impact of the leadership team. Check our training and development prorgammes and coaching page for more information.

I want to drive a culture of  innovation

Your senior management or leadership teams need support and guidance to create a thriving culture where everyone can flourish and contribute to high impact results at multiple levels – funding/profits, people and planet. Check our development workshops and programmes and Get in touch to explore how we can work together.